A Stack Of Foundations Does Not A Building Make

Film, literature, art.

Movies, poems, comic books.

For some weird and wildly unbiblical reason, these sorts of things are looked down on by many self-assessed “mature” or “deep” Christians.

Just to be clear, I’m not talking merely about the perverted versions of these things presently permeating the culture. I’m talking about the things themselves – the mediums and modes of creation known as film, literature, art, movies, poems, and comic books.

To have a passion for these things is viewed as an inherent sign of worldliness and therefore weakness by some of the “deep, mature” Christians in question. They see the use of any significant amount of time on such things as something between wasteful and a full-blown, wide-open gateway to complete uselessness. They therefore tend to see the cultivation of talent in relation to these things as similarly wasteful, especially when there are Bibles waiting to be read and Psalms waiting to be sung.

Why practice your film-making talent or hone your comic drawing skills when there are Bibles to be read and Psalms to be sung, right?

This warped view of reality no doubt has a lot to do with the Rapture-laden, “the culture is going to hell …

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