Breaking the Internet

DALLAS—I started getting panicked messages around 8:30 Friday night.

“Joe Bob, I can’t get in. I think my computer is fried.”


Emails, texts, instant messages, tweets.

“Joe Bob, something is wrong with your show.”

“Joe Bob, I have forty people in my basement, we’re breaking out the Lone Stars and we can’t get a signal.”

Anger. Befuddlement. Apologies.

“I know I promised to watch your show, but apparently my lame wi-fi connection . . .”

And then, as if some psychic force penetrated the ether and entered everyone’s brain at the same time . . .




I think I may have set the record for OMG’s received in a five-minute period.

“Joe Bob, you overwhelmed the servers! You broke the Internet!

This was, I was assured, a good thing. This suddenly turned all the anger and befuddlement to unalloyed joy.

“People are sick of “Your Privacy Is Important to Us” messages, which usually means yet another company is going to harvest their online footprints and offer them for sale in a Turkish bazaar called Digital Marketing.”

Word spread so fast that it quickly became a “trending topic” on …

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