Buddy Holly, Texas, and Independence

Buddy Holly Statue in Lubbock, Texas.

I’ve been a Buddy Holly fan since college. Back then, I was really digging a lot of classic 50’s rock ‘n roll/rock-a-billy acts like Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Carl Perkins, and of course Elvis Presley, but Buddy Holly was by far my favorite. Songs like “Maybe Baby,” “Not Fade Away,” “Crying, Waiting, Hoping,” and “Think It Over” were in my playlist at a time when Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, and Pearl Jam were in vogue. And so, during a recent vacation, when I finally had a chance to visit the Buddy Holly museum in Lubbock, I wasn’t about to pass it up.

Now, everybody who’s caught Gary Busey in “The Buddy Holly Story,” knows the basics of his life: Charles Harden Holley (a kid from West Texas with a knack for writing and performing catchy tunes in the new musical-form of rock ‘n roll) is discovered, experiences perhaps the most significant and prolific meteoric rise of any musical act in pop history, then tragically dies at the age of 22, less than three years after making good, leaving an indelible impression on following legendary musicians like Bob Dylan and The Beatles. …

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