Councilman Treviño Doubles-Down on Removing Alamo Cenotaph

Last Wednesday, San Antonio City Councilman Roberto Treviño hosted yet another meeting to convince an incensed public that the General Land Office’s unpopular and expensive plans to re-imagine the Alamo are actually awesome, while simultaneously reassuring them that the ambitious initiative is going forward, no matter how much it is hated. It is uncertain if they really expected that using date-rape salesmanship, (e.g. “You’ve got not choice, but you’re gonna love it!) for their Alamo plans would work, but it had the effect you’d expect.

Much of the controversy surround the removal and relocation of the 1930’s cenotaph that memorializes the war-dead of the 1836 battle. Treviño and his collaborators tried to persuade the assembled that the undertaking is only to ensure an improved experience for visitors. However, all of this was ill-received by the crowd who at times responded with chants of “‘not one inch!’”

According to an article by Scott Huddleston from San Antonio Express-News, other apprehensions about the project were raised at the gathering, such as concerns over “access for tour buses, emergency vehicles and parade floats,” of which the current plan would greatly encumber through it’s street closures. One gentleman appealed to the council that …

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