Dependence Day

It’s July fourth. Across the U.S., people are firing-up the BBQ or making plans to watch their local fireworks display in celebration of “Independence Day.” In Texas, it is no different. Even now, Texans bedecked in red, white, and blue crowd the local Wal-Mart for those last items they need for their “Independence Day” party. However, the phrase “Independence” seems to have less meaning than it used to. Each year marks a new threshold for Washington in taking power away from the states and the individual citizen. Whether currently under Democrats or Republicans, we could count the passage of time by what new things we no longer can decide for ourselves or what new scheme the government has instituted to buy our loyalty with our own money. So, this “Independence Day,” lets look at some key milestones by which the federal government has tried to make us more dependent on it.

Sixteenth Amendment

In the old days, the federal government was funded via “excise taxes, tariffs, customs duties and public land sales.” The scope of federal authority back then was smaller, and such a limited income stream helped keep it that way. However, with the passage of the 16th

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