Gee, I Never Saw This Coming: McDurr & Marinov’s New Campaign Against Patriarchy

There comes a time – not very often, but once or twice in every epoch – when a man emerges upon the scene so bold, so courageous, so full of God’s might that mere others can only stand back and gape at him in wonder.

Such was Abraham the herdsman.

Such was Charles Martel, duke and prince of the Franks.

Such was Lieutenant General Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson.

Such is Marc Daniels.


Oh, come now! Do you mean to tell me that you, who either revel in your testosterone levels or swoon over those men who do, have never heard of this swaggering chunk of Dude, extra rare?? He must be one to ride the river with, given this hearty endorsement:

Y’all want to see a REAL man? A man’s man? Check this out. All the big talkers about manliness and masculinity, all puffing chests at all the effeminacy out there these days—listen up, pay attention. Here’s a real manly man. This is biblical manhood.

However…as this rave review comes from the keyboard of the decidedly un-rugged Joel McDurmon, perhaps a little skepticism might be in order. And sure enough, it turns out Mr. Daniels’s claim to greatness was …

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