Heckle Nation

Back in the ’80s I worked comedy clubs, and, depending on the night, the venue, the crowd, and the level of alcohol consumption, you could sometimes get absolutely eviscerated by hecklers.

One time I was working this club called Charlie Goodnight’s in Raleigh, North Carolina, alongside a Fernwood 2 Night regular named Bill Kirchenbauer. (Fernwood 2 Night was a wonderful talk-show parody starring Martin Mull and Fred Willard that was canceled for being too intelligent.)

So my first night at the club Bill comes up to me before I go on and he says, “Joe Bob, I just wanna give you a heads-up. There are assholes here, and there are no asshole-removers.

I wasn’t sure exactly what he meant, but he quickly elaborated: “Specifically the second table, second row, on the left.” (He had just finished a set.)

“It’s not like Vegas. In Vegas they have asshole-removers. They know how to slide up to the table, grab them under the armpits, lift their elbows up, and remove them. There are no asshole-removers here. You will get no asshole-removing assistance.”

Bill was right—second table, second row was ground zero for trouble—and what he was referring …

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