Louisa Board of Zoning Appeals Votes 4-3 to Deny Zoning Appeal for the Charlottesville I-64 Spirit of Defiance Memorial Battle Flag

After several hours of public testimony, arguments from the Louisa County Planning Commission and the Va Flaggers, and questions from the board, members voted to deny our appeal of the alleged zoning violation at the Charlottesville I-64 Spirit of Defiance Battle Flag site.


In our presentation, our attorney presented evidence that both the landowner and a representative from the Va Flaggers had done due diligence in calling the proper office for zoning and building permit information.  In its presentation, Louisa County officials claimed that we were lying about our contacts and that we had willfully and intentionally ignored zoning laws.  Testimony by the landowner and our representatives, in combination with the presentation of a confirmation email sent by our folks, was compelling and hard to dismiss.

Stressing our experience in having raised 27 flags in the Commonwealth, we effectively argued that we would not spend the $14,500 it cost to raise this flag, without getting proper confirmation of county requirements, nor would we attempt to knowingly and willfully violate county laws and regulations, as county officials and some speakers claimed.

We also presented evidence of irregularities in the application of exemptions in the zoning ordinance and were able

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