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VIRGINIA: Civil Rights Pilgrimage Causes Stir

Tempers flared early as a delegation of 100 people from Charlottesville and Albemarle County stopped at the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History on Sunday as part of a Civil Rights Pilgrimage.

It was standing room only at the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History when a 100-member delegation from Charlottesville and Albermarle Counties arrived to learn about Danville’s history. Civil Rights

The goal of the trip is to visit civil rights site in Southern communities and hear from local anti-racist activists about efforts toward improved equality, as well as to encourage local residents to study civil rights history.

Kathy Milam, executive director of the museum, began the presentation with a short video history of the museum, from the arrival of William T. Sutherlin in the city, to the building of the Sutherlin Mansion and its role during the Civil War and how its use has changed over the years.

A few people in the audience took exception to the video, saying it was a whitewash of history and offensive because it has been just one year since a rally in Charlottesville ended in violence and the death of activist Heather Heyer.

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