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SOUTH CAROLINA: Affirmative Action Comes to Quiet End at College of Charleston

College of Charleston senior Emmanuel Houston of Greenville voices his concerns to protesters in March 2014 about the Board of Trustees’ decision to make Glenn McConnell president of the college. File/Grace Beahm/Staff

CHARLESTON: The College of Charleston stopped considering race as a factor in student admissions in the summer of 2016, quietly eliminating a tool for increasing diversity as black enrollment stagnated at the public college.

Meanwhile, a “Top 10 Percent” pilot program that college officials touted as a boon for diversity when it launched in 2015 has so far brought 138 white students and 80 students of color to the college of 10,000 undergrads. The program guaranteed admission to the top graduates of select Lowcountry public high schools.

The end of affirmative action came so quietly that even longtime advocates for minority students did not hear about it. NAACP Charleston Branch President Dot Scott said she had a working relationship with College of Charleston President Glenn McConnell during his time in office but never knew about the policy change until The Post and Courier brought it to light.

“What it looks like and what it is are

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