Probiotics: Here, Drink Some Gut Slime

NEW YORK—Is probiotic a real word or did somebody make that up just to be a smart-ass?

I mean, antibiotics I understand—pesticides for the body, they slide down your throat and napalm anything in sight until every germ is exterminated.

But when did everybody and his ugly sister start popping probiotics every day like they know what that stuff is?

You ever read the ingredients on a box of probiotic capsules? Men have died trying to lift those words. Admit it, you have no idea what fermented Streptococcus thermophilus is, but you will ingest it in spite of it sounding like a Greek social disease.

“Oh yeah, Joe Bob, gotta have my probiotics. Everybody needs probiotics.”

If everybody needs probiotics, why had I never even heard the word until about ten years ago? Why do we have 97,000 probiotic foods and medicines for sale when apparently we didn’t need these products during any of the previous 10,000 years of civilization?

And yeah, I get it, I’ve heard the explanations. “Your body needs germs, Joe Bob. Probiotics are microorganisms—friendly germs. One reason Americans are so sick is that we don’t have enough bacteria in our systems.”…

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