Ron, Roe, and a Cup of Woe: A Response to Ron Burns on Trump and Roe v. Wade

Ron Burns (alias Thabiti Anyabwile) recently wrote “Overturning Roe v. Wade isn’t worth compromising with Trump, my fellow evangelicals.”

The thing about this statement that makes the bile rise in Christians’ collective throat is the belligerent hypocrisy of it. Because Ron’s erstwhile position was open favor of Hillary — a ruthless socialist, mass murderer (by endorsement of infanticide and other means besides), and one of the most prolific criminals of the past century — for POTUS! Oh yeah, and he also expressed favor for Bernie — a Jew and avowed Communist who takes the position that Christianity must be barred from public life and essentially treated as illegal.

So right out of the chute Ron confronts us with a thesis born either of a less than lucid mind, or of a cunning malevolence intent on incitation of the same.

But it gets better. He continues:

Of course, the travel ban’s core aim is to exclude potential visitors and immigrants from majority-Muslim countries, an intent at odds with Christian views of religious freedom.

Problem: that is a meaningful critique only if we are defining the Christian view as religious pluralism. Which is but another way of saying moral relativism.

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