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Identity Dixie – One thing I love doing when I meet new people is listening real close to their words and picking up what accent they have before I ask, “where are you from?” If they have an accent that sounds mixed, that gives me an idea of what kind of family they might have. If it sounds exactly like it should for a person from where they are from, I can use that to remember that accent on other people. But, it tells me more than just their family and home, sometimes it can tell me what kind of person they are. A deep Southern accent tells me that they are more likely to think like me when it comes to the South, that is, they may believe in Southern Nationalism.

I also feel more inclined to surround myself with fellow Southern speakers, as there’s nothing like a moral, like-minded, Christian, Southron. These people share my heritage and many are closely related to me ethnically and genetically. Our speech gives us the tool to self-segregate from outsiders. It is a tool to help identify fellow Southerners and to keep and/or develop our unique Southern identity…

Source: Save Our Southern Speech! – Identity Dixie

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