Szijjarto Stands Up for Nationalism

This Hungarian is a role model from whom world leaders everywhere could learn. Everyone, raise a bowl of goulash in honor of Peter Szijjarto, the foreign minister of Hungary. He stood his ground during a vicious BBC interview June 26 in which the fake news hag Emily Maitlis tried to smear Hungary, and Viktor Orban’s government, as immoral, illegal, and just plain mean.

Nowhere did she indicate her concern for the continued existence of Szijjarto’s safe, Christian, white nation — a nation that has a smaller population than either Ohio or Georgia.

“Why do you insult a country of 10 million people?” he asked.

Szijjarto quite rightly called her a liar and pointed out her hypocrisy for failing to acknowledge the will of the Hungarian people, which has resoundingly supported their sovereign prerogatives over immigration laws.

“The liberal mainstream does not like our laws.”

But thankfully it’s the Hungarian people Szijjarto and Orban answer to, not the lugenpresse.

The European diaspora has something of a bulwark in Central Europe these days. It’s the oddest of places, in my opinion, given the relatively small size of its population and wealth. The Visegrad Group of Hungary (9.7 million), Poland (38.1 million), …

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