The Ethnoconfessional Nature of Culture

A lily white pro-life march in America

It is ironic that we use the term Cultural Marxism to describe the enemies of the cause of Western Christendom. These people, are of course, fundamentally antagonistic towards culture – that is, culture, traditionally understood. Much like neo-orthodoxy strategically redefines theological concepts to mean often nearly the exact opposite of what they traditionally did, neo-Marxism’s redefinition of concepts like ‘culture’ serves a similar strategic purpose in the broader aim of destroying all traditional culture. The word itself is derived from the Latin passive participle of colo, namely cultus. The stem-word literally means to nurture or cultivate, but in a figurative sense denotes worship or honor. Cultus, strictly speaking, is therefore something that has been cultivated and/or worshiped.

‘Culture’ therefore denotes both something physical and spiritual, something natural and something religious. If applied to the human species, the most natural physical bond is the family and by extension the tribe, i.e. the ethnos, while any spiritual-religious manifestation in society comes about through this tribe’s public confession of a belief or belief-system. Hence, the ethnoconfessional (or ethnoreligious) character of any culture.

The ethnoconfessional nature of culture is presupposed throughout the Bible. …

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