The Kennedy Vacancy and the Game of Judicial Tyranny

Surprising many on both sides of the political aisle, recently, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement at the end of July, leaving a vacancy for President Trump to fill on the Union’s highest court. However good this news may sound to Texans hoping to end progressive domination of SCOTUS, celebration may be a little premature as nothing has been done about the real problem: illegitimate and unchecked judicial authority.

Kennedy’s declaration was met with great joy on the right and great weeping and gnashing of teeth on the left. GOP Senator Ted Cruz used the opportunity to promote the idea that his colleague, Senator Mike Lee, would make an excellent Justice. Conversely to Cruz’s excitement, Hillary Clinton tweeted that a “Republican president could nominate as many as 4 Supreme Court justices,” adding sardonically that it “should terrify you.”

The reason for Hillary’s terror should be obvious. For decades, the left has used SCOTUS and its unconstitutional imposition on duly passed-legislation to accomplish goals that otherwise lacked sufficient support needed to get through congress. Causes like abortion-on-demand, gay-marriage, and others have been forced on the 50 states in spite of what choice the state may have preferred. No …

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