The Left Turns on the First Amendment

Recently, the New York Times printed an opinion piece by one of their reporters, Adam Liptak, focusing on the left and their growing discomfort with the freedoms contained in the First Amendment. The inescapable conclusion of his article was that a growing number of progressives see the First Amendment as being too flawed to be left alone and must be altered in some way.

In the article, Liptak quotes the left-wing Supreme Court Justice, Elena Kagan, that the right was “weaponizing the First Amendment.” The claim, ridiculous on its face, was in response to recent SCOTUS cases that have been ruled in favor of conservative appellants. One in particular dealt with crisis pregnancy centers claiming 1A protections from the state of California’s requirement that they provide their clients with information on how to obtain an abortion, a procedure antithetical to their organization’s purpose.

Further on, Liptak interviewed “First Amendment Lawyer” Floyd Abrams on the topic, and he described the change of heart that many on the left are having over first amendment issues, even as growing numbers on the right are embracing a more libertarian stance on the argument. Abrams commented:

‘Now the progressive community is at least skeptical and

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