The Media Is Using You, Americans

Conservatives! Christians! Average citizens of the country your fathers built!

Have you realized what’s going on yet?

Turn off the mainstream media.

With an almost negligible number of exceptions, they are lying to you. They are undermining whatever you hoped to enjoy in this life, and to pass on to your children and grandchildren.

They hate you. On the other hand, they (profess that they) love the other.

You are not only expendable; you are an obstacle to the liberal media.

On the other hand, the other is useful to the liberal media, and that’s why they (act like they) care about them.

Let’s look at some recent examples of how some people are more equal than others to the Left.

How many Americans have heard about the war in Yemen? It’s a huge humanitarian disaster. It far surpasses what the media is telling you to care about. The U.N. recently forecast that 18.4 million people could die of starvation thanks to that war in the Middle East. However, no one really cares about it because agitprop about that war is not useful to the globalist establishment.

Meanwhile, the leftist cabal bombards the U.S. public with “news” that innocent …

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