The Purposefully Paralyzing Power Of Identity Politics . . . And Why It’s Destined To Fail

The cultural chaos unfolding around us is no accident.

The assault upon God-given institutions and (*gasp*) hierarchies is quite purposeful.

It’s no coincidence that as our culture loses its grip on even the most basic terms, like boy and girl, we also see wishful revolutionaries raging against God’s creations of family and church structure. The spirit of this passing age is, at the moment, to deconstruct everything in association with the pitch that “in order to bring about the good change that we need, we must first tear down the structures and systems that are holding us back,” with these structures being, among others, family and church.

Hierarchy is to be done away with.

Patriarchy is to be smashed.

Yada, yada, yada…

To that end, along with many other ends neither imagined by most of these revolutionaries nor discussed by those who do have a clear vision of the end game, we are all supposed to get in line and:

A) Only notice the ethnicity/sex/sexual identity of a person (who cannot be thought of as an individual, but must always be considered as part of a group) when it comes to ranking/evaluating positions held or arguments made by …

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