“They KNOW NOT What They Do”

“They know not what they do” the words of Jesus the Christ from the cross.

Or do they?
First Christ said: “Forgive them, Father (God)!
Do the PONS/ACTIVISTS actually know which subversive leaders are putting them up to it?

Blind? Stupid? Are the not so blind leading the truly blind? That’s probably the question we should be asking first, and the second question–who are the not so blind???

Subversive forces in this country are hell-bent on destroying what God (and our forefathers) helped to create with much blood, sweat and tears, over many years…(1776-2018)–242 years.

We shouldn’t let them get away with it. Them” are the cruel leaders of the blind and ignorant (wet behind the ears) individuals who have never learned their history (thanks to their public school “educations” nor do they even care. Anything before the Beatles is totally irrelevant to them.

They” are ignorant like sheep led to the slaughter, young people, ages 16-25, who have NO IN-vested interest in our country…just what their subversive leaders are counting on…people who are young, excitable, and with NO sound foundation of history or any kind of patriotism. Most of them have no clue about our …

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