‘Where There Is No Vision, the People Perish’: How the Post-Historical Era Shaped the Millennial Worldview

Wisdom is not doled out wholesale to any group of people in their 20s and early 30s. I get that. And it is unjust to expect otherwise. Still, it is incumbent upon those who are wanting of wisdom to humbly admit to their lack and to submit themselves to the receiving of such, and this the mollycoddled multitude of Millennial malefactors will never do gladly. The world’s their stage, and they were all handed a microphone straight out of the uterine canal as their birthright, doncha know.

But do you want to know something? I’m weary of yelling myself hoarse over their infirmities. I’m through complaining about them. (This commitment is guaranteed to last only until the end of this paragraph.) I’m ready to concede a point to the determinists and conclude that Millennials indeed are products of their environment. And what an insular environment they’ve been reared in, all the more so as it masquerades as a vast panorama. The mitochondria cannot comprehend a universe outside of the Coke can he floats in during his lifespan.

The little darlings were all born or came of age in that great purposeful void popularly known as the 90s – a time …

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