Who is the “they” that will come for you guns?

Those who claim to be lovers of liberty and who display their Gadsden and “Come and Take It” flags along with their “back the blue” flags and signs should probably consider the contradictions in their messages.

When “they” come to take your guns, you do realize who “they” will be, do you not? It will undoubtedly be law enforcement.

Some in law enforcement claim to be “oath keepers,” who will not obey unconstitutional orders to confiscate your firearms, but consider this:

All gun laws are immoral, unconstitutional, and anti-liberty. ALL – OF – THEM!

Either we have a God-given right to self-protection, or we do not. There is no middle ground. If we have that right then ANY infringement upon it is immoral and tyrannical.

Every law enforcement officer in the country already enforces the various gun laws that are currently on the books. EVERY – ONE – OF – THEM!

Every law enforcement officer is ALREADY an immoral and anti-liberty strong-arm thug. They are already violating their oaths to support and defend the Constitution. They may protest that they will not obey unconstitutional orders to confiscate your guns, but they are already obeying unconstitutional and anti-liberty laws – EVERY

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