Why Civil War Monuments Look the Same

In recent years, the Confederate monument has gained a new level of symbolism, as the item at the center of an ongoing debate — one that reaches far beyond the subject of monuments — about how and whether a nation should remember the darkest moments of its past. Statues to those who fought for the Confederacy have been brought down in numerous cities by protesters or officials, while other people have fought to keep them, as reminders of a heritage they say is about more than slavery or simply as part of an undeniable history.

So it’s perhaps surprising that some of the most common American monuments to those who fought for the Confederacy have a distinct feature: they look almost exactly the same as monuments to those who fought for the Union.

The reason that’s the case is explained by a segment on an upcoming episode of the PBS series 10 That Changed America, which takes host Geoffrey Baer across the U.S. for thematic looks at how what the nation has built has, in turn, built the nation. In one new episode, Baer focuses on “10 Monuments that Changed America” and the ways that monuments can be a window …

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