Why not just ask the prospective Supreme Court Justice exactly what he thinks of abortion?

Of all the Orwellian doublethink idiocy that passes for “serious political conversation” these days, none is more Orwellian or more idiotic than the prevailing notion that a President (or anyone else) shouldn’t dare ask in a straightforward manner what the exact position of a judge (or anyone else) is on abortion.

Could it be that maybe – just maybe – one of the big, bad, and painfully obvious reasons we keep getting Republican Supreme Court Justice nominee after Republican Supreme Court Justice nominee who ends up supporting abortion from the bench is that…*drumroll*…we don’t bother to ask them exactly where they are on the issue of protecting human baby lives before nominating or confirming them?

Maybe I’m just spiffballing here, but this sure does seem incredibly stupid to me, and the track record of Republican-SCOTUS formed courts is, if we’re honest, basically a bloody mountainous mass made of the dismembered bodies of tens of millions of baby boys and girls.

So could some “conservative” elected official at the center of the confirmation process please, please, please just ask this Kavanaugh guy exactly what he thinks of abortion and exactly what he thinks of unborn human babies? Could some …

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