Will the City of Austin Change its Name?

Austin Texas takes pride in it’s weirdness, and by weird they mean crazy progressivism. The rest of Texas just shakes their head and tries to ignore it. Much like the trifling nephew who lives in your brother’s basement, you know he won’t amount to much… but he’s family. However, if recent reports are true, the weird capitol of the Loan Star Nation may be considering taking its weirdness to a new level: changing its name.

According to an article from CNN, the idea for changing the name came as a suggestion from Austin’s Equity Office… yes, they really have one of those. In their report, they made the recommendation of re-christening a few streets that had names related to the old confederacy. Basically, they said, “Gee! The confederacy was bad because of slavery. Stephen F. Austin was a slave-holder. Therefore, changing the name of the city would be a great idea, right?”

While it’s not surprising that the city of Austin would want to play to its progressive base, for many Texans, this is going too far. However, it’s not as if we didn’t see this coming. The relatively successful move by many state and local governments towards removing …

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