You’ll not find any striped rag here . . .

Some folks find it odd — even disturbing — that we do not display the flag of the United States of America in our church meeting house or at the meetings of Free Florida First.

The US flag, as originally conceived and utilized, did indeed stand for those laudable things set forth in the Declaration of Independence: the right of secession; consent of the governed; unalienable rights, endowed by the Creator; etc. It stood for a Confederation of Sovereign States, who cooperated to throw off the political chains of a distant and tyrannical government.

But since the seceding Southern states were invaded by US forces, the US flag has ceased to stand for any of these things. Indeed, it has come to stand for an “indivisible” nation (in the words of the socialist author of the “Pledge of Allegiance”). Such a concept flies in the face of those things that were fought for by our revolutionary forebears.

The US flag stands for an unbridled Amerikan Empire that seeks to impose its will upon the world at large, both at home and abroad. It now stands for the exact opposite of those things set forth in the Declaration of Independence. It

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