Another “Fan Letter” from Another New York yankee

This week I participated in the following exchange of messages on our Free Florida First Facebook page:

The author of the message evidently felt compelled to inform me that we are “religious zealots and gun fanatics.” I took that as compliment and responded with a thank you.
Even though we are no fans of the GOP (the party of Lincoln), nor of the present occupant of the White House (a liberal New York Yankee), I’m sure that we would be included in Mr. Obama’s “bitter clingers” and Mrs. Clinton’s “deplorables” – probably at the very top of the list.
Are we religious zealots? I’m sure that we are in the eyes of much of the world. My early Baptist forefathers (from the first century forward) were certainly considered religious zealots and they were often persecuted unto death. I consider it an honor to be classified with them in any sense whatsoever.
As to being “gun fanatics” – it is certain that virtually all of America’s founders were gun fanatics. When a distant ruling government attempted to confiscate their firearms they responded with legitimate force, and they ultimately fought a war – with guns – to gain their independence from that

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