Civil War or Independence, Violence or Peace

It is no secret that the United States are becoming increasingly polarized. If the way federal elections seem to always be a near 50/50 split didn’t convince you, perhaps the increasingly common political violence in the streets over the last few years might. Furthermore, a growing number of Americans believe that conditions are so bad that armed conflict with ourselves is inevitable. Namely, civil war.

Though the word has been bandied about in the media, mostly in their crusade to lay blame at the feet of the President for issues that have been building up for a long time, presumably with the implication that Trump’s removal will make everything peachy again, there really is something to the idea that a common identity as Americans is no longer enough for us to remain connected. The fear that the political dichotomy in America has become so vast and so unreconcilable that it will soon come to open war is growing more and more common.

According to a late June Rasmussen poll, 31% of likely U.S. voters think it’s probable that “the United States will experience a second civil war sometime in the next five years, with 11% who say it’s Very …

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