Confronting The “Person of Faith” Non-Label Label

When a politician in America describes themselves as “a person of faith”, what are they telling us about themselves?


Nothing good, anyway.

Everyone has faith and everyone is a person, so claiming to be a “person of faith” literally says tells us nothing about the person making the claim.

As we all know (or ought to by now), politicians are well known for constantly striving to find catchy new ways of sounding like they’re taking a hard, principled stand when, in fact, they’re really not taking a stand at all. Sadly, that’s what’s usually going on when the “person of faith”, “man of faith” or “woman of faith” label is deployed.

The idea is for the politician in question to appear to a target group – usually Christians – as though they’re not only a member of the target group, but a bold advocate for…whatever it is that the group in question might want a politician to be a bold advocate for.

The problem for these politicians and those that follow/enable them is that faith is only as good or meaningful as the object in which it is placed. Having faith, in this context, is as likely to be …

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