Democrats Favored for a Midterm Victory

The November midterms are only three months away and things do not look good for the Republicans retaining power in Washington. And while the saying goes, “anything can happen in baseball,” time is running out, and according to some sources, a variety of factors (despite recent GOP special election wins) don’t seem likely to add-up to continuing GOP unified government. Once again, Texan hopes of getting real change in Washington seem destined to be crushed.

Recently, Business Insider put out an article with an analysis of the political situation in Washington regarding the midterm elections and found the following:

  • The GOP has a shot at retaining the Senate, but the Democrats will likely win in the House of Representatives.
  • POTUS approval ratings are highly correlated to mid-term results, and Trumps below 50% average might mean a loss of “more than 60 Republican seats.”
  • The 41 Republican retirements in Congress, “more than double the historic average,” might bode well for the party out of power.

Historically, the party in control tends to do badly in mid-term elections, such as when Democrats lost the House and the Senate in consecutive midterm elections during President Obama’s time in office. However, if you …

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