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FLORIDA: Lee Portrait in County Commission Chambers Moved Aside for New Video Board

(A new screen has been erected in the Old Lee County Courthouse in Fort Myers. The portrait of Gen. Robert E. Lee has been moved just left of the screen.
(Photo: Andrew West/The News-Press)

FORT MYERS, Fla. — The portrait of Robert E. Lee, which has hung for 87 years over the center of what is now the dais of the Board of Commissioners chamber in the Old Lee County Courthouse, has been moved aside to make way for technology.

Workers shifted the portrait to another spot at the front of the meeting room to make way for a high-tech video screen. The painting will now appear on the left side of the dais.

Neither advocates of moving the portrait out of the commission chamber nor those who staunchly believe it should remain see the change as reducing the Confederate general’s position of prominence in the hall of the government of the county that bears his name.

The change was made as part of a project County Manager Roger Desjarlais said he initiated to upgrade the sound system and the video display in the commission’s meeting room.…

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