Nothingless, infinity, our ability to grasp neither, and why it’s all good for us.


Wanna try a fun and illuminating little exercise?

Think of nothing.

I mean nothing, as in: No thing.

Can’t do it, can ya?

And no, imagining a black space, a blank page, or an empty room doesn’t count as a win here, since a black space is a space, a blank page is a page, and an empty room is a room. Those things are things.

As finite, created beings, we are only able of approximating or grasping at the edges of a concept as (seemingly) simple as nothing.

This should help to put and keep us in our place, shouldn’t it?

If we can’t even nail down nothing in and of ourselves, then how can we expect to define anything else in an of ourselves?

The same goes for the much more (seemingly) lofty concept of infinity.

Try imagining that one with specificity.

Can’t do that either, can ya?

But at least it doesn’t grate on our ego the way that our inability to get nothing might, so this is at least a generally less painless and easier exercise for us to own up to. Even so, it’s important to note our profound limitations and let them sink

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