Racial Reconciliation Is a Gospel Imperative

We’ve grown accustomed to every liberal social cause being labelled a “gospel imperative” by the evangelical establishment. Evangelical leaders like Russell Moore believe that everything from international hunger, to unmitigated religious freedom, to open borders for Western countries, to racial reconciliation should be considered “Gospel issues.” He isn’t alone. Racial reconciliation was a major theme of this year’s PCA General Assembly, and the Southern Baptist Convention likewise passed many resolutions supporting leftist social causes such as immigration rights while choosing to dis-fellowship the church attended by nationalist and traditional conservative James Edwards. Everyone agrees that race relations are a major issue, and the general consensus is that this is the fault of whites.

Kinists have no problem advocating for genuine reconciliation between hostile races, nations, tribes, and clans. Christians have been committed the ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:18), and the reconciliation of Christ extends to nations and races who are hostile to one another (Eph. 2:11-22). Isaiah envisions the future reconciliation of the nations in which Egypt, Assyria, and Israel are all able to peacefully co-exist and visit one another (Is. 19:23-25). This doesn’t mean that national distinctions are eliminated, because they are part of God’s …

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