Redshirt Revolt: Hamburg Showdown

Identity Dixie – Reconstruction is really a neglected and usually ignored history among the Far Right. The fact that states like South Carolina and Mississippi were actually able to rebound from negro domination in states where whites were the minority is inspirational, to say the least. In effect, the South basically managed to avoid ending up like Haiti or South Africa. This is quite contrary to when people say the South is lost because of the high black population, and that we should just throw in the towel and hand it all over for blacks to create an ethnostate. The men of 1876 South Carolina were determined to stand their ground and fight like men to save their state.

It was summer of 1876 in South Carolina when the Counter Revolution began. The state had been put under corrupt carpetbagger and negro rule since the fall of the Confederacy in 1865. Moreover, South Carolina suffered tremendously during the war at the hands of Sherman’s army. The Blue Coats ravaged the state of South Carolina and burnt the capitol of Columbia to the ground, as well as, many other towns. Now, the South Carolina people were sick of the corruption and utter incompetence…

Source: Redshirt Revolt: Hamburg Showdown – Identity Dixie

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