Rise of the Social Justice Dragon Lady – 

Jim Goad, Taki’s Magazine – Last Wednesday The New York Timesannounced that it had hired 30-year-old Sarah Jeong as their lead technology writer, praising her “verve and erudition” and forgiving the fact that the sourpussed, pan-faced, smug-beyond-all-reason kimchee-nibbler sometimes dyes her hair pink.

Jeong was born in South Korea. You may have heard of that country, seeing as how around 35,000 mostly white male American soldiers died to save it from communism’s grip and to enable ingrates such as Sarah Jeong to come here and yip endlessly about how much she hates white men.

As much of a dick as I am, I couldn’t imagine moving to Korea and harassing everyone about their evil doctrine of Korean supremacy. It seems…rude?…

Source: Rise of the Social Justice Dragon Lady – Taki’s Magazine

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