Salt, Light, & Child Sacrifice To Drag Queens

As we roll into August, two sad trends are likely to continue:

1. Public schools will continue to deny Christ as Lord while embracing the satanic model of education first advocated in Genesis 3, discipling the young accordingly, and

2. Millions of professing Christian parents will continue to feed their precious little 4-, 5-, and 6-year olds to the beast of State-run “education”.

The good news is that more and more Christians are repenting of any past support of the inherently anti-Christian public school system and finding biblically sound alternatives for their children’s education. Many of these parents have embraced a home- and family-based approach to education, viewing education as a daylong, lifelong endeavor rather than the farcical caricature of Christ-defined knowledge that education has become under the care and control of the State.

The bad and sad news is that many professing Christian parents, often encouraged by their church leaders, are still feeding their children to the beast of State-managed worldview programming, even though each passing school year reveals perversions embraced and promoted by public schools on in increasingly dramatic fashion and on an increasingly grand scale.

Even last year’s chronicling of events like “Drag Queen Story Time” in …

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