The Fake “Fake News” T-Shirt Story Perpetrated by Fake News Fakers

NEW YORK—So I have to admit, I’m one of the people who would wear the “Fake News” T-shirt that was on sale at the Newseum in Washington.

But you can’t buy it anymore.

After 24 hours of press attacks that amounted to “You’re making a mockery—a mockery, I say—out of the profession of journalism,” the museum supposedly dedicated to free speech expunged the “Fake News” T-shirt from their gift shop.

But since the reporting on the “Fake News” fiasco was not quite accurate—No! You’re kidding! How ironic! Really?—let me correct a few of the factoids:

First of all, it wasn’t a T-shirt. It’s what I would call a long-sleeved baseball shirt or rugby shirt.

Secondly, it doesn’t say “FAKE NEWS,” it says “You Are Very FAKE NEWS.” “You Are Very” in small letters above the much larger “FAKE NEWS.” In other words, it’s one of those New York City-style insult shirts.

Just the “You Are Very” alone would seem to indicate that whoever authored the shirt—the unfairly censored genius of this story—was probably not intending the shirt to say, “The American news media consists of a bunch of big fat liars.”

Unfortunately, the …

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