The Left’s Pleasure Is Love Lost

“Equality is a mortuary word.”
~Christopher Fry

After the “how-dare-he” immigration enforcement that resulted in the media creating an outright leftist frenzy, I was once again saddened to see so many of my millennial college associates take public stands against sanity. There were absolutely no creative thoughts involved in their attack on separating children and adults who cross illegally. Imagine using the audio-byte of CNN and putting the face of an average American college graduate on the TV. That’s about the depth of analysis involved, here.

My primary purpose on social media is to share my life for my family and family friends. I have, in the past, used it as a platform for social dialogue – but let’s be honest, I was one voice among millions preaching to a selective choir. But every now and then I am able to bring my sharpened axe out of its social closet and hack away. I like to tell myself it creates more sparks when it comes unexpected.

When several of my friends shared their horror at seeing children cry, I couldn’t help myself. Especially when one of them, a former roommate who prides herself on being tolerant and introspective, quoted Stephen …

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