The Monstrous Regiment Revisited: A Defense of Classical Christian Patriarchy

The spiritually moribund and misnamed “Reconstructionist” Radio has launched a new podcast in an attempt to market feminism to neo-Reconstructionists. The Monstrous Regiment podcast derives its name from John Knox’s famous anti-feminist pamphlet, The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women. This podcast features angry women who intend to lecture boorish patriarchal men on how evil they are and how women are absolutely equal to men in pretty much every sense imaginable.

These women are disciples of Bojidar Marinov, and it’s pretty easy to perceive his obvious influence in their frequent equivocation that is so typical of Marinov’s style. Words and expressions such as “pagan,” “covenantal,” and “ethical/judicial” are used in ways that are frequently the opposite of what they actually mean. From this Marinovian perspective all human authority is considered “pagan power religion.” This is especially evident in the introductory episode of the Monstrous Regiment in which Suzannah Rowntree and Kate Robinson respond to Knox’s famous tract denouncing feminist egalitarianism. Rowntree and Robinson are aghast at Knox’s “dehumanizing” hatred of women. Most of their commentary could easily be summarized as “wow, just wow.” Both women complain that Knox begins his analysis with pagan …

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