Three Points To Ponder On Primary Election Day

I’m only in my forties, but it seems very old of me to remember a day back when American conservatives actually seemed to want small government.

I say “seemed” because I now realize that they never wanted small civil government. At least not for as long (and far longer) than I’ve been alive.

What American “conservatives” want is huge, gigantic, everything-touching/managing/licensing/regulating Socialism.

They want public schools, a massive military, Social Security, State-licensed professionals, State-managed food/medicine/electronics, and State-printed fake money to fund it all.

They just want their massive Socialist/Statist fantasy to be slightly smaller than the Left/Democrat/Liberal version…at least for now. Five or ten years down the road, the Liberals will have moved on to bigger Socialist dreams and American “conservatives” will be largely defending Liberal programs of today as the baseline standard for American conservatism.

Everything in recorded American history confirms this.

Secular conservatism is as sure a path to Hell as is secular Liberalism. They just take somewhat varied routes to the same destination: State-controlled/managed/licensed everything.

Put another way, the Pagan Political Left and Pagan Political Right are two wings of the same Pagan Political Dragon, and that Dragon’s goal is to make each and every one …

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