Viktor Orbán: Christian Nationalism Is the Future, Part I

Recently, Viktor Orbán delivered a speech to Hungarian students at a summer university conference, outlining his Christian nationalist reforms and vision for Hungary, which he places in its historical and contemporary political context. In this two-part series, we will cover this historic speech, highlighting its strengths, analysing some of its weaknesses and addressing its implications for Hungary and the Western world in general.

Orbán starts off by noting that he believes that 2011 marked the start of a new era in Hungarian history. In that year a new constitution was accepted “based on national and Christian foundations.” With a new era, however, he does not mean a new political era, but rather a new “spiritual order”, with the task of government being the embedding of “the political system in a new cultural era”. This understanding of the Hungarian Sitz im Leben reflects a covenantal paradigm rooted in historical Christianity, where the epistemic or belief-system is always determinative for the well-being of the political order and not vice versa.

Orbán points to the socioeconomic advances made by his government over the past eight years in government: wages increased by 60%, the national debt dropped from 85% of the GDP to 71%, …

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