We Live In A Perpetual Reign Of Terror

Amerika – If you wonder why they teach so little of real import in high school, consider this: if you were a government dedicated only to your own continued power, would youteach facts contrary to the narrative? Of course not, because if you did you would fall. This is why they barely teach the French Revolution and most are unaware of it.

Leftism in the West had many origins, mainly because Leftism is an anti-philosophy that consists of giving in to our lowest impulses rather than trying to rise above them, but it gained form when the egalitarians in France overthrew their aristocracy in 1789.

Anti-philosophies are not based on having a positive ideal which corresponds to reality; instead, they are based in explaining away all other options so that, by default, we return to our simian origins and envy, greed, egotism, sloth, and parasitism take over from our higher functions.

Ideology may itself by an anti-philosophy. Separate from philosophy because it is prescriptive only and does not have a reality descriptive component, ideology consists of demands about what “we” should do in order to achieve a mental state that people find pleasing. When it takes over, all other thought gets recast in its image…

Source: We Live In A Perpetual Reign Of Terror

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