When Shrews Attack: The Pathetic Saga of the ‘Debt-Free Virgins Without Tattoos’ Fracas

To the uninitiated, becoming an overnight internet sensation can be intimidating indeed. Suddenly one is thrust into the Twitter spotlight for his or her requisite fifteen minutes, polarizing the entire news feed and maybe, just maybe, receiving a sound bite of praise or condemnation from some public figure in Hollywood or the District of Columbia. All this over a seemingly inconsequential post of a type seemingly no different than hundreds that have gone before. Exhilarating, wot?

Well…maybe it is if you were handed a device to connect to teh Intrawebz right out of the birth canal. To anyone Gen-X or older, though, such a frenzy would be more akin to inadvertently making head-on contact with a hornet’s nest while on a ride-on lawnmower. And that is precisely what befell the blogger known as The Transformed Wife on July 16th.

On that fateful day, TTW posted a simple blog entry stating what used to pass for the obvious – that men of good character have a preference for women who have not amassed obscene amounts of credit card and student loan debt, who are virgins in their late teens-early 20s, and who aren’t covered in tattoos. That she expected …

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