Why is each successive generation of public school product more Socialist than the last?


It’s August again, which, in even numbered years like this one, means two things ’round these parts: 1.) The vast majority of Americans – including most self-described conservative Christians, are dutifully feeding their children to the State for another year of explicitly anti-Christian, pro-Socilism/Statism “education”, and 2.) The same folks just finished happily supporting candidates who are all but sure to see that the cultural trend towards more and more Socialism continues.

Tp help get a better sense of this sad reality, let’s consider a favorite rhetorical question regularly offered and pondered aloud by self-described conservatives in America. It goes something like this: “Why do young people keep falling for Socialism?”

However seriously or smartly the average professing “conservative” American may think they’re being when they float (and then immediately bemoan the need for) the question, the truth is that not only do they not know the answer, but they don’t want to know the answer.

The real answer anyway.

They want to blame everyone and everything but their own routine, wide-open embrace of Socialism for their children’s (or children’s generation) supposedly inexplicable temptation towards Marxist/Collectivist thought.

The same parents and pro political prognosticators have no prob at all defending …

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