Why Leftists Routinely Murder Diversity (And Millions Of People Along The Way)

Why is it now becoming commonplace for Leftists and anti-Christians of various sorts to openly advocate and practice acts of physical violence against those who dare not share (and have the nerve to openly oppose) their worldview?
For the same basic reason that major corporations are now colluding in an attempt to de-platform those who push back against the Leftist/Statist/anti-Christian propaganda and narratives routinely pumped out by mass media and “mainstream” political leaders.
Do not make the mistake of believing that this treatment is reserved for the likes of Alex Jones. Jones is the canary in the coalmine. The same basic threat of heavy economic persecution is being held over the head of every thinking person in America, and has been for quite a while now. The only difference today is that the situation has metastasized to the point that these threats are translating more and more into increasingly dramatic actions aimed at silencing dissent and intimating those who might be thinking about publicly expressing dissent.
For many years now in “the land of the free” and “home of the brave”, government and corporate systems have become increasingly open in their antagonism toward those who openly hold …

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