At what point do we break up the USA?

If your answer is “NEVER!” accompanied by some version of “How could you even consider seriously considering such a thing?!”, then you are a cultist.

An Americultist.

For the non-Americultists out there, the question – and it is an important one – stands:

At what point do we break up the USA?

How about at the point DC enforces a policy of open, systematic, “legal” child sacrifice?


That’s been going on for decades. We’re apparently not willing to stand against the America Idol over that one.

What about the DC-imposed obliteration of marriage and the DC-enforced imposition of “gay marriage” across the land?

Nah, we won’t cut ourselves loose even after that.

The bottom line seems to be, for now anyway, that we’re way too thoroughly programmed, pimped out, and dependent on the DC-centered American Welfare/Warfare State for us to even consider severing ...

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