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Do Women Belong in Political and Cultural Leadership?

Since around 1990, cultural power has shifted from a trio of major television networks and daily metro newspapers to new, competing sources of information such as CNN, Fox News, and news-related websites. The decentralization of …

The Gospel Coalition Endorses Women’s Ordination

TL;DR summary:

The Gospel Coalition Endorses Women’s Ordination

Why?  Because of “racial reconciliation.”

Supporting racial reconciliation means supporting the ordination of women.

Thabiti Anyabwile, Doug Wilson’s good buddy, and one of the stars of The …

Westminster Proves Muslim Ban Is Humane

In yet another display of how multiculturalism, “refugees,” and Islam are turning the civilized world into just another Third World cesspool, London became a war zone Wednesday when an Islamic man drove a car into

Exclusive: Our Interview with a Real Live Actual SJW!

We here at Faith & Heritage take an extensive interest in the world we reside in, and the diversity of the many peoples that compromise it. We find it edifying to get a first-hand view

South Africa on the Brink

South African President Jacob Zuma now openly calls for blacks to steal white farms, amidst other horrors.  Suidlanders are South Africans preparing for the approaching bloodshed and pandemonium.

Take some action to protect our …

Trump: Lock Up Snoop Dogg Now!

When you consider the way in which threats — nay, negative or mildly critical language — towards blacks are routinely labeled barely less evil than murder, it is not surprising that a black millionaire could …

A Disappointing Election Day for the Netherlands

The Dutch people took a leap towards the misery experienced by their Boer cousins in South Africa when they failed to uncuck themselves during their general election held on Wednesday. The ruling party of prime …

The Reformation and Race, Part III: Martin Luther on Cherishing Racial Ancestry

The celebration of 500 years of the Reformation this year is inspired by the early work of Martin Luther done in 1517 in Wittenberg. Having referenced two proto-reformers from preceding centuries, I regard it appropriate …

The Harm and Error of Tim Tebow’s Adoption Stance

Earlier this week I started explaining why Tim Tebow — worthy object of admiration, emulation, and intercessory prayer — is wrong on one not-too-small ethical issue. In this article, I’d like to conclude the

“At Least They’re DOING Something!!!” Postmillennial Misconceptions Regarding One-Worldism

In 1935, author Sinclair Lewis penned the dystopian novel It Can’t Happen Here, a polemic warning about the rise of a future fascist president of the United States. It is a work largely of …

Why Tim Tebow Is Wrong About Interracial, International Adoption

I love Tim Tebow as a brother in Christ, and I’ve cheered for him and prayed for him to succeed on his fields of battle as a Florida Gator, Denver Bronco, and New York Met. …

A Response to David Platt on the Refugee Crisis

A family friend recently posted this video of a presentation made by Southern Baptist pastor David Platt on the refugee crisis. This sermon was delivered at the chapel service at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary …

Trump, Alt Right Blamed for Black Liberal’s Anti-Semitic Hoaxes

In a stunning turn of events, the mainstream liberal media has admitted that the recent waves of bomb threats and grave desecrations against Jews has — at least in part — been perpetrated by a

The Return of Useful Rand Paul

Seven years ago, Rand Paul was just his father’s son running for Senate in Kentucky. He succeeded in his primary and general election campaigns based on being his father’s son. He had the same last …

The Reformation and Race, Part II: John Wycliffe on the Ethnic Homogeneity of the National Church

Part I

We continue our series by looking at another great proto-Reformer, this time the most influential one in the Anglo-Saxon world, John Wycliffe (1320-1384). Wycliffe is famous for being the first man to translate …

4 Reasons Obamacare Is About to Die

Despite what the fake news media are telling you, Obamacare is on its way out. Here’s a few reasons why we can make this not-terribly-bold prediction.

1. Every Republican in Congress has vowed to “repeal …

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