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The Alt Right Guide to Running for Local Office

Alt Right-local office-school board trustee-Secretary of State-County Clerk-school district-library-hospital-dominion

Now that the two-year-long presidential campaign season is over, and the Alt Right is feeling some wind in its sails, pro-white Christians should consider dipping their toes into the political pool themselves by participating at …

Jack Chick: In Memoriam

On the 23rd of October in the Year of Our Lord 2016, Jack Chick, the foremost Christian pamphleteer of the twentieth century, was gathered to his fathers.

The body of Mr. Chick’s work was produced …

McDurmon’s Reparations: Supposing That Gain Is Godliness

Joel McDurmon found himself stumped this past summer when a black pastor asked him why he was so driven to involve himself in “the race issue.” McDurmon could not come up with a reason. Even …

German Government Intensifies Its Anti-German Policy

The local government in the federal state of Berlin, Germany, has become the second in Germany to pass a decree stating that illegal immigrants subject to “far-right attacks” receive “double protection,” i.e. cannot be legally …

How Would Calexit Affect White Christians?

Calexit-secession-Yes California-Left Coast-white ethnostate-economy-hegemony-port cities

It’s one thing to advocate for states’ rights, and it’s another to think it beneficial for most of the Pacific Coast to turn into an enemy enclave.

The Yes California campaign is gearing up to

How the Mighty, Hollowed-Out Fall

In a truly ironic and fitting gesture, the laws of nature brought down an iconic sequoia tree in central California Jan. 8.

The “drive-thru” tree at Calaveras Big Trees State Park in California had been …

Nationalism for All, Not Imperial Homogeneity

Amerikaner free state-Minneapolis-Southern nationalism-imperialism-nationalism-blood and soil-Kekism-Tower of Babel-identity

If aliens came to this planet and wanted to learn about the thing called the United States of America, one of the first things they would learn is that in American history there have been, …

Interest in Science Largely Determined by Race

The Pew Research Center just released their findings from a study regarding the attitudes of U.S. high school seniors toward science. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the optimistic attitudes of U.S. high school seniors …

Will Rand Paul and Donald Trump Audit the Fed?

The Fed is not yet dead, but if President-elect Donald Trump grants his executive approval of Sen. Rand Paul’s resurrected “Audit the Fed” bill, the central bank will be closer to its grave than

The Christian Philosophy of Voting

Late last year Wylie Huffaker wrote an article for this website entitled “The Philosophy of Voting”. As I made clear in the comments section when I first read the article, I strongly disagree with …

Turn Outrage over #BLMKidnapping into Political Results

Outrage is cheap. Outrage is feeble. Outrage is temporary.

Results, on the other hand, are what count. And if you’re as outraged as you ought to be about this young white man being tortured and

The Greatest Knight: The Historical Basis For Sir Lancelot

Sir Lancelot-Adam Ardrey-Sir William Marshal-Middle Ages-Greatest Knight-King Henry Richard John

The name Sir Lancelot is instantly recognizable to virtually everyone within European civilization. This great Arthurian Knight of the Round Table is reputed to be the most brave, skilled, and chivalrous of Arthur’s knights. Lancelot …

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