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Hunter Wallace

Live Thread: #MarchOnWashington

A few things:

1.) First, I haven’t even arrived in Washington, DC, but it seems some shitlib has already set himself on fire outside the Trump International Hotel.

2.) Second, I will be live tweeting …

The Liberal World Order Is Collapsing

Are you ready for the occupation of Washington, DC?

“And here in the District of Columbia, where 91 percent of voters cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton, “full-scale panic” is setting in, said John Feehery,

John Lewis, The Boy From Troy, Exposes The Limits of Liberalism

I watched the John Lewis press conference this morning.

Personally, it was an amazing thing to watch as someone who was born in 1980. I’ve lived virtually my entire life in the Alabama Black Belt. …

DC Anti-Fascist Coalition Plots To Disrupt Alt-Lite #Deploraball

I was never going to #Deploraball.

As I have already said, it is Cernovich and MILO’s fag prom. Now we learn from James O’Keefe that #Deploraball is going to be pozzed conservatism squaring off against …

Shabbat Group Learns The #TruthAboutSelma

I saw them walking through Selma on Saturday night.

It was the weirdest thing. I had never seen so many Orthodox Jews in Selma before. They looked out of place walking toward the highway strip …

MLK Jr. Day Special: Alt-Right Visits Selma To Lampoon ‘Civil Rights Icon’ John Lewis

I went back to Selma this morning to finish what I set out to do yesterday:


John Lewis and #TruthAboutSelma

When I saw the Lügenpresse was driving the news cycle with Trump’s tweets about ‘civil rights icon’ John Lewis this morning, I felt like I had to do something. I’m sick and tired of John …

God Emperor Donald Trump DESTROYS John Lewis

Are you tired of winning?

No, we’re not tired of winning. We want to see more of this. That’s enough for me to come to the Inauguration. This is the Donald Trump we voted for …

NPR: White Nationalists’ Enthusiasm For Trump Cools

Just read this website.

I’ve been blogging every up and down in our relationship with Trump. He has done things we like. He has done other things we dislike. I’m going to be completely honest …

John Lewis: Donald Trump Isn’t A Legitimate President

I don’t think President-Elect Donald Trump, who is known for having a fabulous temperament, is going to appreciate all of these recent comments from ‘civil rights icon’ Rep. John Lewis:

Will Trump be able to …

Breitbart Splinter To Launch ‘Populist-Nationalist’ Group

I have mixed feelings about Breitbart:

“He said he envisions the project as an “advocacy organization that is going to advocate for Trump administration policies that generally fall under a populist-nationalist window.” (He doesn’t

Jamelle Bouie: Rev. Jeremiah Wright Had A Point When He Said “God Damn America”

Jamelle is one of my favorite leftwing writers:

“The myth of Barack Obama usually begins with his speech to the 2004 Democratic National Convention, and for good reason—it was the speech that jump-started his

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