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The Convention of States

Congress’s bait-and-switch healthcare promise

It happened just as liberty-loving Americans feared it would.

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Tom Coburn: North Dakota isn’t waiting on Congress to fix the real disease

North Dakota became last week the tenth state in the nation to call for an Article V Convention of States. Former Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn appeared on North Dakota news to explain exactly what transpired …

Former Missouri U.S. Senator Jim Talent Endorses the Convention of States

St. Louis, Missouri, March 27, 2017 – The Convention of States Project is pleased to announce that former Missouri United States Senator Jim Talent today issued the following statement urging the Missouri General Assembly to …

Republicans aren’t ready to lead. The time for a Convention of States is NOW!

A president can put America first for one administration, maybe. But executive orders do not equal legislation.

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If the swamp is being drained, why is IRS commish Koskinen still around?

Why is John Koskinen, the scandal-plagued IRS Commissioner, still in office? Enquiring minds want to know.

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Texas State Director: “I trust Texas more than DC”

Tamara Colbert, State Director for Convention of States Texas, explains in the video below why she trusts the Article V process to restore accountability to the American system of governance.

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Natelson: Voters shouldn’t be shy about amending the Constitution to bypass Congress

Convinced that Congress is unlikely to cure federal dysfunction, most state legislatures have triggered the Constitution’s most important reform mechanism: They have applied for what the Constitution calls “a convention for proposing amendments.”

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President Trump proposes a ‘diet’ for the federal government, but to actually lose weight Congress needs to do THIS

Currently before Congress is President Trump’s $1.1 trillion budget proposal and it ‘s scaring Democrats to death.

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Convention of States launches “Fires of Liberty” podcast series

The Convention of States Project, the largest Article V grassroots organization with more than 2.2 million supporters nationwide, today announced the launch of the Fires of Liberty podcast series. The podcast is “live” every Wednesday …

Daily Ledger: “One small step for liberty, one giant leap for the Constitution”

The mainstream media didn't cover the historic event in Arizona last week, but, as Graham Ledger of the Daily Ledger notes in the video below, it could change the fate of our nation.

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SCOTUS: Here’s when the government can stop you from selling your land

While the Senate Committee on the Judiciary grills Judge Neil Gorsuch, the Supreme Court will decide one of the biggest property rights cases of recent years.

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Mark Levin: Arizona grassroots defied odds for Convention of States

The Convention of States team in Arizona accomplished an incredible feat last week when the state legislature passed a call for a Convention of States.

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Surprise, surprise: CBO says higher taxes and government programs decrease incentive to work

When a worker's after-tax income declines due to higher taxes, that person has a reduced incentive to work, a Congressional Budget Office analyst explained.

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The ugly truth about America’s spending

Richard Manning published today an op-ed on Fox News that outlines the state of our nation's finances. We've published an excerpt below, but be warned: it isn't pretty.

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Ohio on the march for Convention of States!

The great state of Ohio is making progress to be the next state to call for an Article V Convention of States that will impose fiscal restraints on Congress, limit the power of the federal

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