It’s not a full-blown secession. But in the face of the heartless brutishness of the Trump administration on everything from health care and immigration to environmental protection, what California is now doing comes pretty close.

Call it semi-secession. And given the ugliness that has gripped Washington, it’s easy to understand. But carried too far, it could also be a strategic mistake.

Start with SB54, the California Values Act, which the state Senate passed this month and would, with the exception of violent felons and repeat offenders, prohibit state and local law enforcement officers from detaining, arresting or interrogating undocumented people for “immigration enforcement purposes.”

Add the sanctuary cities and counties (San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento and Los Angeles, among others) that will not allow their resources to be used to detain unauthorized immigrants for federal immigration officials.

Then add last month’s ruling of the state Air Resources Board further tightening emissions standards for cars and trucks.

Now cap it with the we-dare-you letter that lawyers for the leaders of the Legislature, all Democrats, sent April 6 to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly….

Source: California resistance — or semi-secession? – San Francisco Chronicle